Is Your Brand Not Listed In The Code Table?

Since your Air Conditioner is not listed on the code table it is necessary to manually program your remote. Bear in mind there are thousands of Air Conditioners brands sold throughout the world made by hundreds of manufactures. Due to limited resources and space we can only list a several hundred of these machine codes. While your machine is not listed there is every reason to believe you will find a code compatible with your air conditioner. Understand most codes are not unique and many manufactures use the same codes.

To program your remote follow this simple procedure:

  1. Make sure your air conditioner is plugged in and switched ON.
  2. Press the “SELECT” key, model code on LCD will begin flashing.
  3. Point the remote control at the air conditioner, press “SELECT” key. The remote will now go through all the codes and emit a signal each time.
  4. Press and release until air conditioner receives signal and produces buzzer sound. Then press the “Enter” key.
  5. After turning on the air conditioner, try other function keys. If they do not work, repeat above steps until it is correct.

If your air conditioner still fails to respond to all the codes you may need to purchase the original replacement remote from the manufacturer.
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